The Halloween Party of Death

When the kids were younger, I threw blowout Halloween parties. Just look at these cuties back in 2006 (Hadley is the Broncos cheerleader, bottom right).

And yes, she’d DIE now to ever be dressed as one of those “silly girls.”

My kids loved those parties but since we implemented the Giant Pumpkin Party four years ago, I disbanded those Halloween bashes because there was no way I was going to throw two of them in October.

So, what’s the first thing my opportunistic kids begged me to do when the Pumpkin Party was canceled?

See below.

The coolest hosts ever (before we lost our minds)

Hanging doughnuts (30 doughnuts were eaten in 30 seconds flat)

Bode’s make-up artist, Alex. Pumpkin Man photobomb.

I knew we were in trouble during the invitation stage. I didn’t want anyone to feel left out but when people started asking if siblings could come, I kindly told them “yes” if the parent would come help. A couple did, most didn’t and I ended up with waaaaaaaay too many kids. They are all well-behaved, awesome kids but the sheer number (25 of ‘em) about did us in.

We had plenty of fun games to keep them occupied, like a candy corn relay I made up. Essentially, they had to put a spoon in their mouth, scoop up candy corn with it and race to the other side of the yard and deposit the candy into a jar. On the way back, they had to do silly challenges like  “Pretend you are Elsa and sing ‘Let it Go’ at the top of your lungs as you skate back.”

As you can imagine, there was a whole lotta silliness.

The excessive amounts of sugar certainly helped.

My friend Julie outdid herself by making “Poison Punch” and personalizing a cup for each kid.

She is what I call a “Pinterest Overachiever” and the kids loved it!

Out of everyone, I am most indebted to my friend “Witch Terry” who made a surprise appearance halfway through the party. I had asked her to pull together some magical science experiments and we got together during the week to practice.

Overachiever that she is (it runs in my circles), she went above-and-beyond with some awesome tricks but the mere chaos almost sent us to our graves. Fortunately, the kids were AWED by every single one.

Fun with dry ice

Witch Terry in her element

Baking soda+vinegar+balloons+water bottle= an awesome Fizz Inflator

This is my favorite picture of the evening: seeing the children’s awed faces at our successful dry ice crystal ball! (Find out how to make it here; our ghostly screaming balloons were another hit).

As kids were arriving at the party, we had our disco light swirling and fog making machine chugging. And the fire alarm going off.

It started with chaos, it ended with chaos, and according to the party goers, it was “the best Halloween party ever.”

At least someone had a good time. Remind me of this post the next time they beg me for an over-the-top party.

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