The sweet assurance that maybe, just maybe, I’m doing something right as a mom

Every mother has hopes and dreams for her children. Even though I would love for my kids to share many of my pastimes, I am most invested in instilling a passion for skiing and hiking. This is because we spend most of our family time in the mountains.

And the fact that I suck at pursuits such as golf, dance and tennis.

I was thrilled when my daughter Hadley took to the slopes like a fish in very slippery water last winter but I also want them to develop their own talents. Hadley excels in art so I went to the mat to get her in a sold-out, week-long art camp this summer.

This, from the mom who only passed sixth grade art because her best friend did her projects for her.

Three-year-old Bode is a Babe Ruth in the making and I will enroll him in T-ball this summer. He can hit 9 out of 10 balls pitched correctly to him.

I say “correctly” because my pitching skills are lacking.

And he lets me know it with every wayward pitch.

I hate baseball. I mean, give me a Rocky Dog and a box of Cracker Jacks at a Rockies game and I can hang with the best of them. But the thought of enduring countless innings of baseball, year after year?

Maybe I should take out stock in Cracker Jacks

But I recently received the confirmation that maybe just maybe I am doing something right with just maybe, I am also doing something right with instilling my passions in my children. I was in Utah over Spring Break and took the kids to my alma mater, BYU. Hadley spotted the “Y”prominently etched on the mountain. I excitedly told her she was finally old enough to hike it with me. She pensively stared at it for a while.

“Do you know what it stands for, Hadley?”

“I think so.”

“Really?” To be honest, Jamie and I don’t talk about BYU so I was pretty surprised.

“‘Of course, I do, Mommy. ‘Y’ means ‘YES’ for hiking!”

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