The Undefeaters

Fall sports season is a wrap!


Bode has been with his soccer team for a couple of years and they’re finally gelling really well together. So well, in fact, that they went undefeated, which was particularly awesome because he’s had a rollercoaster few years playing. He started out as a superstar preschooler and was a top scorer. Then, as the other kids got stronger, he lost his confidence and held back. He has finally found his niche on defense and though he’s not a flashy player, he is a smart one who always makes solid passes and is a team player.
I asked Bode if they had a team name this season. He shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know. Call us “The Undefeaters.”

Talk about a premonition.


This is the fourth season I’ve coached volleyball for the 2nd Ward Young Women at church and it was a blast! Hadley is only 11 (Young Women are 12-17) but I recruited her and a couple of her younger friends to play so we’d had enough girls. She continues to be a source of frustration because she fights me at every turn. The girl is good and could be great. She oozes natural talent and really thrives out there…and then when she steps off the court, she claims she’s only lukewarm about volleyball. Really? Apparently she doesn’t see what I see.

Last year, we beat our arch rivals 1st Ward in the tournament but then they beat us in the finals. This year, we were in it for the win and, despite our strong competitors (most of whom play volleyball in club or school), we were the Little Engine That Could. We came from behind to beat them during the tournament, had a showdown in the finals and were declared Stake Champions!

Great job to all! After a busy fall, I’m looking forward to our winter hibernation.

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