Comedic Tweeting of Short Track, Apolo Ohno and More

Directly uploading my blog posts from Microsoft Office ’10 was the heart of my Olympic experience.

But using the brand spankin’ new HTC HD2 Windows Phone was the artery to communicating my minute-by-minute commentaries. If you haven’t been following me on Twitter (@themilehighmama), you’ve been missing out on my misadventures such as this:

At USA House. Spotted Kristi Yamaguchi and a famous men’s skater. Just not famous enough to know his name.

A few minutes later:

Unidentifiable skater was ’88 gold medalist and legend Brian Boitano. Whoops. I asked for his autograph.

I, of course, told him I was a huge fan.

One of my favorite events was going to see Short Track at the Pacific Coliseum on Thursday evening. I’ve watched the sport with passing interest but after experiencing it live, it is now among my favorites. The spirited crowd is similar to what you’d find when attending a hockey game in Canada.

This is the highest possible compliment I could give.

My tweets from my HTC HD2 that evening say it all:

Short Track fast & unpredictable. Dude in last place came in 2nd due to crash. I might actually have a chance in this sport.

Apolo Ohno up to bat in 1000m. Or would that be up to “track?” OK, that was bad.

JR Celski qualified in 1000m after a great heat. Stoked for my fellow Pollack.

Tipped off about Kristie Moore, 2nd pregnant Olympian in history. Sport: curling. Shocker.

Bummed. My credential won’t get me in the Media Mixed Zone to meet fellow Park City Snowmama Linda. May file for media discrimination.

JR Celski in 5000m relay semi, 1/2 hr after last race. I am hereby tired for them.

Got to admit this is 1st time I’ve watched speed skating relay. There’s a whole lot of butt pushing going on.

Coliseum a mad house. Canada’s Marianne St-Gelais won silver in 500m short track!

As athletes received bouquet at Flower Ceremony, publicist Natalie said “It looks like they’re getting cabbage.” She was right.

And my grand finale tweet?

I’m celebrating Canada’s silver medal by going to the USA House. I confuse myself.

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