Up with People, Down with Airheads

Friday night was date night at the Casa Canuck, only not with each other. Jamie had a guy’s night out to the Nuggets and my friend Tina and I attended the Up with People performance. My only experiences with Tina have been whilst shouting over four little rugrats so it was a pleasant change to have some adult conversation. We both even showered for the occasion.

I can’t say I always do the same for poor Jamie.

Oh, and Tina shaved for the first time since Christmas. Too bad I didn’t put out.

I have to admit I had never even heard of Up with People, a group Tina professes is a cultural icon. The cast consisted of 100 members from 27 different countries and the show was pretty darn cool. I would strongly suggest you look into attending if it comes to your city because it benefits a great cause: Habitat for Humanity.

One thing I really liked about these perky and talented performers was they were not professionals. They came from all walks of life and were different colors and shapes, which made their message that much more powerful.

One young woman in particular stood out to me. She had a pure, dark-haired beauty about her and had the voice of an angel. She stoically performed, barely even swaying as flamboyant Navajo dancers swirled around her like snowflakes in a storm.

I kept my eye on her the rest of the show. It seemed she always missed her cues and had to be assisted on-stage. Near the end of the performance, I pondered if she had some neurological condition that made it difficult to walk.

I leaned over and whispered, “I really think there is something wrong with her, Tina.”

“She is blind, Amber.”

Or just blonde.

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