What Are Your Summertime Travels?

The kids and I are currently in Utah for Spring Break. Jamie will join us at a later time. After all, one of us needs to stay home to work while the rest of us play.

I’m just glad it’s him.

After that, our whirlwind travels will be officially over until summertime.

Mostly because pumpkin season will take over our lives in April.

I’ll admit it: I’m always thinking about the next trip. Now that my kids are bit older and intrepid travelers, this is going to be a banner summer. Some things in the works:

  • A visit to the grandparents in Utah. Salt Lake City, that is. Sweltering Southern Utah is the last place you’ll find this heat-hating Canuck.
  • Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Shockingly, we have never spent time at Glenwood Springs’ famous hot springs. We’re excited to do that and more by checking out the Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park, replete with a Tram, Laser Tag, Cave Tours, 4D Ride Theatre, Thrill Rides and what I’m sure will be my personal favorite: Demon the Bull.
  • Crested Butte, Colorado. During my family’s Tour de Colorado last summer, Crested Butte was our favorite stop. The Crested Butte Music Festival + The Wildflower Festival + the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory’s Nature Camp + the best views in Colorado = an unparalleled Colorado vacation. A repeat performance is definitely in order.
  • Another attempt at camping. The last couple of experiences have not exactly been memorable (read about my nervous breakdown here).

As for the trip I’m most excited about?

My generous mom rented out a beach house for a week in the Outer Banks. My entire family will be coming from all corners of North America for seven glorious days at the beach. Our house has great amenities such as a private swimming pool, game room, basketball, volleyball and much more.

But 18 people (with seven of them under age 6) living under the same roof for seven days?

During hurricane season.

Except for some great blog fodder.

Do you have any fun plans for summer?!

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