What can Brown do for you?

Bode was the last holdout for getting the plague and exactly one week from from its introduction into our home, he waved the white flag.

Or an awful lot of Brown (with emphasis on awful).

In the middle of the night, Jamie heard a crash and figured one of the kids had fallen out of bed. A moment letter, Bode appeared in our bedroom. Turns out, the poor little dude had been wandering around in the dark in a (too-late) race to the bathroom and had run into the wall.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

This is the first time the little man has had an incident with Brown since he has been potty trained and believe me, I was wishing for those diapers last night. I’ll leave it at that. Those without children don’t want details and those with children don’t care to relive them.

I obviously kept him home from preschool today. Even though he has not napped in over a year, I insisted we lie down to take one. I recruited Fat Kitty, always a willing snooze buddy. Fat Kitty and Bode have a complicated relationship. Bode loves him to death and though Fat Kitty is a snuggler, he doesn’t appreciate being mauled.

A bit of a killjoy, if you ask me.

For this reason, Fat Kitty just kind of tolerates Bode but is indifferent toward him at best. But not today. Our fat cat strolled on over to Bode and curled himself up on the nape of his neck.

This was better than Christmas for sweet Bode. He cooed over and over about how much he loved him as he reached up to pet Fat Kitty and then me.

I do have irresistibly soft hair.

And the hope that we will finally be rid of this plague once and for all.

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