What Summer Break Looks Like Chez Nous

In mid-June we start the onslaught of art and sports camps, followed by two weeks of swim lessons and then we’ll be in Canada for most of July.

The next two weeks are gloriously devoid of commitments and we are taking full advantage of them. Thus far we have seen PJs still on at 5 p.m.

Mismatched clothes….

….and a mother who is pretending she does not care.

A fridge stocked with lemonade and glorious fresh fruits.

Slip ‘n slides….

Bike rides in Cheeseman Park,
Slack rope walking,
Father-son sports bonding,

Crawdad fishing at Lakecrest Park with a bunch of kids from church.
(Hadley was the only girl getting down and dirty with the boys. I told her to play nicely because they are her future dating pool.)

Lest you think everyone is in a celebratory mood, let our thoughts turn to a very depressed Fat Kitty who is no longer allowed outside after his walk on the wild side.

We may have to make an exception to circumvent just how pathetic he has become.

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