When the cat’s away, the mouse will play

Sure, poor Jamie is left alone for much of July as we embark on our 3,000-mile Canadian road-trip every summer but don’t feel too badly for him. He’s working a ton (like always) but apparently he’s finding time for play, as was evidenced by this discovery I made.

As some of you know, Jamie donated one of his pumpkins to Elitch Gardens, our awesome 70-acre amusement park and water park in downtown Denver.

When I was on Twitter the other day, I read this tweet from Elitch.

Apparently The Pumpkin Man is making some celebrity appearances in my absence but it makes me wonder if he will now expect us to call him The Pumpkin Whisperer?

Follow Elitch Gardens’ pumpkin “Cornelius Longbottom” on their Twitter feed here and of course, go to denverpumpkins.com for Jamie’s pumpkin updates (he’s on track for another 1,000+ lbs pumpkin). The beast will soon start putting on 30-40 pounds a day!

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