Woman on Vancouver’s Streets (With Video)

The official logo of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games is the Inukshuk, a curious stone structure whose origins hail from the Inuit. It is a symbol of leadership, cooperation, friendship and the human spirit.

One evening, Robin, Krista and I rented a town car and we cruised around Vancouver’s hot spots that included Stanley Park, Yaletown, Gastown and Granville Island. As we drove past English Bay, Robin spotted some over-sized Hallowed Red Olympic Mittens on what appeared to be a snowman.

Upon further investigation, we realized what we saw was actually the Inukshuk.

Evidently, Robin’s night vision sucks as much as mine.

My curiosity was piqued. The Inikshuk’s image appears on every single official product of the Games but did people really know what it was all about? I decided to hit the streets of Vancouver to find out.

Basically, this was my way of looking for validation that there were other people out there as clueless as me.

In addition to carrying around a picture of the Inukshuk, we bought the official mascots: Miga (part killer whale, part sea bear), Quatchi (sasquatch with ambitions to be a hockey goalie), Sumi (a spirit animal with body parts from the orca whale, thunderbird and black bear), and Mukmuk (a marmot sidekick).

Could totally happen.

My test sample ranged from young to old.

Translation: I made fun of everyone equally.


Credits: Spazzy interviewer and editor, Me.
Shaky camera operator: Natalie.
Cut us some slack. We’re amateurs.

And yes, Vancouver’s Most Eligible Bachelor did cheat.

Note to self: Remove tags with mascot’s names before performing next test sample.

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