Would you rather….

Jamie works for a large, established company here in Denver and is up for The Big Daddy of All Promotions: the director position. He had has first interview a couple of weeks ago and it went well. Admittedly, I’ve been rather conflicted and have been half supporting, half dreading the final outcome.

Jamie currently has a stable managerial position with good pay and reasonable hours (well, if you consider 11-hour days reasonable). If he landed this new job, it would mean more money, more hours and way more stress. My vehicle, Girlie Jeep, is near death so the extra funds would go towards a car payment but in the end, is it all really worth it if he gets home so late that I can’t announce “TAKE YOUR CHILDREN NOW!!!!” the moment he walks in the door, much like the I-need-a-break meltdown I had last night. Where’s the fun in that?

Y’see, I am of the mindset that I’d rather have my husband around than have more money. But by the same token, I know he is so capable of doing great things and I don’t want to hold him back. And even though he refuses to use spell-check or let me edit his blog, I still think he’s pretty dang brilliant and is the most qualified person for the job, whether the VP doing the hiring acknowledges that or not.

And so here’s confessional time. Would you rather wake up to find your neck has grown five inches longer –or– that your rear end has doubled in size?

Oh wait. Wrong question. Would you rather have your significant other make more money and be around less or the other way around?

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