A Behind-the-Scene Peek at the Insanity

The following is a true account of the email stream that occured after I asked our Mile High Mama bloggers to volunteer for an assignment. Reader beware: this is a disturbing confirmation of what occurs when “Mama” leaves the children alone.

Amber: Who has Rockies fever? Is anyone in your family totally gung-ho? What are you teaching your children about this big event? Anyone sporting Rockies paraphernalia? Personally, I’m not a huge fan but am getting swept away in it all!

Is anyone interested in writing a fun post about the Rockies from a “Mama’s” perspective? It will publish on the first day of the World Series.

Aimee: Well, I have a small one up right now… and I am not all that into it like yourself but I can definitely do it if no one else really wants to. Let me know!

Julie: Likewise, I can do it if no one is a HUGE fan. I fear that my credibility is flimsy though, as a transplant and a former Mets fan and Reds fan (I do stick with the National League though, if that helps).

Mitch: This sounds like man’s work ladies….I don’t want to read about how many touchdowns Matt Holliday hit. Let me know if you want me to help out on this.

Julie: oooooohh…them’s fightin’ words!!

(seriously, LMAO!)

Gretchen: We’ve caught it. The kids are thrilled the Rockies are going to the World Series, but with their limited perspective have no clue what it really means. I think they feel our excitement and make it their own.

When Mommy and Daddy are excited, good things happen. Like Pizza Hut at the door, late bedtimes, the promise of new t-shirts.

I can put something together, unless someone else has already written something or has a very itchy, must-write-it idea.

Catherine: So glad ya’ll got this one covered. I think I got Rockies Fever once, but it involved headaches and nausea…. probably something different altogether.

Amber: Wow, I leave for a few hours and look what I missed! Let’s have Gretchen cover this one and Mitch is welcome to write a Rockies post as well (mom vs. dad perspective). I will ignore his little comment, though admittedly the only reason I watch baseball is for the Tight Ends….

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