A Good-bye to a dear, dear friend

Hurricane Hadley is finished with naps. At least she thinks she is. I, however, have a dissenting opinion.

For three long years of riding the roller-coaster of colic, tantrums and general insubordination, naptime has been my only reprieve. Sometimes I passed out and took a nap, too. Sometimes I blogged. Other times I cooked and cleaned. And not to be forgotten is when I just stared at the wall and blubbered away incomprehensibly. Those were the particularly tough days.

Shortly after her 3rd birthday, Hadley’s internal clock informed her she was done. I admit I did not greet the clock’s assertions with happiness. I resisted and we clashed over and over again. My reasoning is if this is a veritable clock, then why doesn’t it tell her to use the potty? That is what I would say if I was a timepiece.

Of course, my resistance is selfish and maybe I should be the kind of mother who thinks, “Oh goody! Another two hours with my daughter!” But I am not. I am perfectly content with the other 12 hours I have with her.

Rather, I view my resistance as survival. Those two hours were my only opportunity to recharge, rejuvenate and reflect upon what a blessing it is to be at home to watch my children blossom.

My husband and I want to have another baby next year and I am apprehensive about having The Hurricane bounce off the walls all day long during that exhausting and sickly first trimester. Oh yeah, and the third trimester won’t be a walk in the park, either. Because I will need a break when this old whale is blubbered and beached.

I know this is just one of “Life’s Passages” I need to accept. But please tell me you’ve been here, you’ve felt this and know my pain.

And to all those well-intentioned women who have advised me that I can just implement “Quiet Time?”

What in heaven’s name is that? There is a reason she is called The Hurricane….

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