Almost reaching perfection at the San Juan Marriott Resort

Ever had the perfect day?

Me neither (this is me we’re talking about). But my first day in Puerto Rico was pretty darn close.


I woke up Hadley at 4:30 a.m. for our flight and did not arrive in San Juan until 7 p.m. She had every reason to be exhausted and moody, especially given her recent premature descent into the irascible teenage years. But I was proud of my intrepid traveler who was accommodating and delightful the entire time.

Not perfect

The torrential downpour that greeted us in San Juan. Sure, we’re in the rainforest but is all that rain really necessary?


*The fully modern and efficient San Juan Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport and the gloriously easy 10-minute shuttle to the San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino.

*Checking into our gorgeous room and discovering a treasure-trove of candy awaiting us, which prompted Hadley to squeal, “I’m gonna like it here!”

*Meeting the other travel bloggers and their children while previewing the menu at Marriott’s soon-to-be renovated La Vista Latin Grill. Favorites included the black eye bean fritters with spicy mango salsa, shrimp with coconut, grilled sirloin steak with yucca fries and the Brazilian Moqueca, a traditional seafood stew with vegetables, coconut milk and rice.

Not perfect

The chef refused to come home with me.


*Exploring the Marriott and watching Hadley and her new friend Megan boogie on the Lobby Lounge’s dance floor.

*Tasting Hadley’s thrill of anticipation as we checked out the pool and waterside and played in the surf on Condono Beach.

*Listening to the plaintive chorus of the tree frogs piercing the darkness.


Taking umpteen perfect photos on the moonlit beach…and having Hadley accidentally knock the camera into the ocean.

Stay tuned for my picture-less perfection as we take on San Juan tomorrow!

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