And back to our regularly scheduled life

While fun, I’m glad our few weeks of notoriety from appearing on the premiere of NBC’s The Marriage Ref has wound down. There won’t be any NBC television commercials with our face on them, nor any more behind-the-scenes glimpses at a foreign world.

Normalcy is a welcome reprieve.

We’ve been having plenty of other reprieves. From Art and Sports Camps…

To two weeks of swim lessons where this little fish shined…

this little lion finally found courage in the water….

and we played every day after swim lessons with some of our dearest, bestest friends.

As of today, I am in Utah to attend Evo Conference, followed by an extended trip to Canada with the kids. Utah brings conflicted emotions of longing for my former home, memories, travel, exploration, freedom. I spent many fun, single years there dating, playing, laughing and learning and I feel torn by two worlds:

The whimsical, carefree days when I could jump in my Jeep and explore whatever mountain or desert that struck my fancy.

And my married life–Replete with responsibility, challenges, being needed, wanted and loved beyond measure.

Despite airing our giant pumpkin grievances to millions of people, I love married life. The laughing, the crying, the changing, the working, the growing, the bonding, the learning, the praying, the fighting and the fixing. This pumpkin widow will be missing her Pumpkin Man these next few weeks as we hit the road on our Great Canadian Road Trip but rest assured I’ll somehow have the time of my life doing it….

….with inevitable Murphy’s Law appearances along the way.

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