Back-to-school rejoicings and adjustments

I still can’t believe summer break is over. When the clock struck 5 p.m. last Friday, I started rejoicing.

“What’s going on?” Jamie asked.

“I officially survived summer!” I replied.

And I’d even say we thrived with non-stop travel, play, camps, activities, snuggles, reading, story-time, sprinklers, bike-riding and fun.

I know some moms who fall into a depression over their lack of purpose when their children go back to school. While I think a bit of mourning is normal, the depths that some of these women go is completely unhealthy. It makes me worried for them when the children graduate. Children should be a top priority but your entire world and identity should not revolve around them.

Remind me of this when my kids grow up and leave home, rendering me unable to drag myself out of bed.

As for my kiddos:


Bode began his second year of preschool. He is now The Big Man On (a little) Campus.

Hadley went back to school the day before him. As the two of us hung out together, I sensed an inconsolable sadness in him. Touched that he was missing his “Sissy” so much, I gathered him in my arms. With a few tears welling up, he explained “I’ve got something in my eye,” using Guys’ Oldest Line in the Book.

“It’s OK to miss your sister, Bode. She’ll be back later this afternoon.”
“Huh? I’m sad Super Mario on the Nintendo isn’t working.”


Haddie started first grade and having her gone all day will be an adjustment. She is thrilled that art class is included in her curriculum but is “scared about the harder reading and math.”

Her first-day synopsis included eating lunch with Chloe and Taylor and playing at recess with Alex.

I’m sure hard-core academia will set in on Day 2.

Jamie, Bode and I escorted her to school that first morning. She excitedly lined up with her fellow classmates as I ecstatically watched her.

“At what point can I start celebrating?” I murmured to Jamie.

In a flash of serendipity, the school bell rang.

“Right about now!” he replied.”

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