Big Red

My recent appointment as the volleyball coach for our church young women’s team has brought back a flood of volleyball memories. I still cringe at those excruciating volleyball camps I’d endure every summer that would render me so sore I could barely move. Then there was the time I met a guy I was sure was “The One” but dumped him on date No. 2 because he couldn’t play.

But my favorite was when I decided to stop into a bridal shop with a half hour to spare before a league volleyball game in Provo. In that small window of time, I tried on a wedding dress and bought it along with all the fixin’s (veil, shoes, tiara, etc.) The shop workers said most gals bring an entourage of people and shop for weeks. I kindly explained that I had a game to get to. They didn’t get it. They probably still don’t.

Initially when I heard the news I’d be coaching, I was excited to get back to my roots! Since moving to Colorado, I have yet to establish any volleyball-lovin’ friends besides Jamie (you didn’t think I’d marry him if he couldn’t play, did you?)

But then I saw the team, Big Red. Possibly, this was the most unathletic group of girls I’d ever seen. Practice confirmed this. I didn’t quite know how to deal with girls who were afraid of the ball. I went home dejected, ranting to Jamie how we were going to get creamed.

Then a miracle occurred. Somehow, somewhere, skilled players showed up on game day. And together with the other gals, they won. And they have kept winning. Saturday is our final game before the tournament and we are the only undefeated team in the league.

Never one to balk at a challenge, I have taken those fraidy-cat gals under my wing and host drill-sergeant practices every week. And if the ball ever drops? Push-ups for the whole team. Sure, they whine and complain, “But Amber, this is just CHURCH volleyball.” But you know what? They shut right up when they kept on winning.
And I’m sure they’re counting down the days until I coach ‘em for basketball season….

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