Biggest Loser Boot Camp Week 7 Weigh-in (as Satan is identified)

II tried an experiment and allowed myself an indulgence last week.

Then again, to consider it an experiment perhaps I need to garner inspiration from my science fair days and write a solid hypothesis and carry out a detailed plan of action.

I suspect my spur-of-the-moment hypothesis, “Those ice cream sundaes and bacon asiago bread look tasty so I will eat them” does not really count.

This must be why I was a science-fair failure.

I know of many diets that give you a free day or free meal so I decided to apply this to my Mother’s Day dinner and lo, I did eat. After all, we were celebrating my motherhood with carbs and ice cream. How could I pass that up?

Did it work? My weekly weight loss is: 2.5 pounds, making my Week 7 weight loss total 18.5 pounds. One could conclude the experiment worked, though I may have possibly lost an additional 4 pounds had I not taken that extra scoop of chocolate fudge. Or two.

At this point in my journey, every day has a struggle of some kind. But after a month and a half of participating in The Front Range Adventure Boot Camp, I am learning what my body needs. That it is not about deprivation but moderation, an important life lesson for maintaining this lifestyle.

Every week, a few of us meet at someone’s house for a healthy dinner as inspirational life coach Robyn guides us on our path. And every week, I am touched in some way and leave feeling infallible, like no temptation is too great.

Until a certain someone’s husband returns home with the kids from Grandma’s with a plate of freshly-baked brownies moments after the meeting has been adjourned.

And then you realize that the source of the enticements, the one who is sent to lure you out of that paradisiacal garden? Some call him Satan.

Or Jamie.

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