Birthday Greetings

Sickly Hadley has been graciously preparing us for the newborn that will soon be entering our home. Translation? She has been up howling all night this week. Two nights ago, we got three hours of sleep, last night, it was two. In our world, being sent to the couch to sleep is not a sign of punishment but rather mercy. I finally sent Jamie downstairs both nights to get at least some shut-eye. So I’m sorry if I haven’t been too responsive lately….

Today is my mother-in-law, Linda’s, birthday. As far as they go, she is the best. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because she bought me eight new maternity outfits the day before her birthday. Or the fact that she takes Haddie every Wednesday afternoon and whenever we need a babysitter. She’s just one of those genuinely gracious and generous people. You know: the kind who make you feel like scum for even thinking an ill thought about another person.

We’re going over to their place tonight to celebrate but she still offered to watch Haddie for me today. I thought it would be a kick in the pants to have Haddie show up with balloons and treats so we stopped by the store this morning. On the way over to Linda’s house, I tried to teach her how to say “Happy Birthday!” Note: I said tried.

Even though Haddie is picking up new words every day and even says a few profound phrases such as “There he is!” whenever she’s able to locate Mr. Journey to Ernie himself on Sesame Street, she still has a long way to go. When she is unfamiliar or unable to say a word, she just falls back upon one in which she is already familiar i.e. “Open” somehow morphs itself into “apple” every time. “Bagel” into “Big Girl” and “Mommy” into “Hot Babelicious Lady.”

As we tried to learn the word birthday, I said it several times and waited for her to repeat after me. Delightedly, she exclaimed, “Boobie!” Noooooo. I tried again. And again, and the same response. I decided to give up on birthday and move to happy. She had no problem there. So we put ‘em together and what’ve you got? Happy Boobie…to you!

Needless to say, Grandma got quite the greeting this morning. Too bad it’s not Daddy’s birthday. Thems are the kind of well-wishes he’d like to receive….

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