BlogHer ’09: The Year of the Wiernermobile

I was not going to attend BlogHer ’09 and I was OK with that. Though I made some great friends at BlogHer ’07, I found the event entirely too cliquey and overwhelming. BlogHer ’08 in San Francisco was better but I still wasn’t feeling it.

My only saving grace were those bacon mints from China Town.

So, when I got wait-listed for BlogHer ’09, I decided it was a sign I was not supposed to attend. But then the skies opened and the good Lord smiled down upon me to the tune of Sara Lee offering to fly me to Chicago a couple of days before BlogHer for a fantastic back-to-school nutrition summit (that I’ll talk more about later).

And then I knew I had to stick around for BlogHer.

I had fabulous roommates: Secret Agent Mama Mischelle is just the sweetest life-sized Macedonian doll who I would have bottled up and taken home with me if only she didn’t snore. :) Hilarious Sarcastic Mom Lotus was the partier: she threw the Room 704 Party (one of the largest non-sponsored parties) and didn’t even come back another night because she was up playing. Fruit Lady Amy was my fellow Colorodoan who was supposed to be my snuggle buddy but between her staying with a college roommate one night and me taking Mudslide Mama’s empty room another, we only had one night to spoon.

My last year’s roommate Michelle from Scribbit is still recovering from last year when I allegedly attacked her.

Sadly, my camera is near death so I really didn’t take very many pictures but I did write a synopsis over at Mile High Mamas today.

It involves the best swag, the best party, the biggest controversy and the absolute highlight of BlogHer ’09: RIDING IN THE WIENERMOBILE.


It doesn’t get any better than that, folks. READ ON

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