Bode’s Big Day and Jamie’s Bad Night

Bode had a big day a few weeks ago. It was his first field trip ever with his preschool class to see the musical Billy the Kid at Heritage Square. He was practically bouncing off the walls and was most excited about riding his first yellow school bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, the anti-climax.

But miraculously, everything lived up to his expectations and he was elated when I retrieved him after school. To keep the party going, I took him to McDonald’s for lunch where he ran into a few of his preschool buddies and played with them for a couple of hours.

That night, he and Jamie went on a father-son camp-out with the Scouts from our ward. Last year when they did a similar getaway, Haddie and I had a Girl’s Night In and rented Beverly Hill Chihuahua. This year was one step up and we rented Scooby Doo: Camp Scare.

Next year, I hope to introduce her to chick flicks, ice cream and Kleenex for the ultimate in girl bonding.

Bode and Jamie had a blast. The church owns property at Lookout Mountain, just 20 minutes outside of town. It was the ultimate in male bonding as Bode joined in the fun and played baseball, capture the flag and tag.

“At one point, the firefighters showed up and Bode got to talk with them and the policeman!” Jamie told me when they arrived home.

I figured it had to be some impressive merit badge to get that many public servants to their campsite.

“Naw,” Jamie continued. “It’s because they started a fire in the enclosed fire pit and there is a ban because of all the wildfires Colorado has been having.”

Scouts may have honor but no one ever said they were smart.

“And another thing,” Jamie worried divulged. “I think Bode may be a bit light in his loafers.”
“Why would you say that?” I queried.

As Jamie tucked Bode into his sleeping bag that night, Bode said:

“This was fun tonight but do you know what is better than camping?”
“What, Bode?”

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