Buying Hawaii (at least in my dreams)

To fuel my moving-to-Maui obsession, I discovered a show called “Buying Hawaii” on Destination America, which follows home buyers on their journey to purchase a home in Hawaii. What I love is that most of the episodes feature average families looking for realistic properties, not the multi-million dollar dream homes 99.9 percent of the world can’t afford.

But that doesn’t stop me from dreaming, of course.

When I informed Jamie about my find, he rolled his eyes and said, “I saw that show when I was going through the channel guide. I was hoping you wouldn’t find out.”

Though Mr. Realism is a dream-killer, the surprising thing is that Bode loves the show. One afternoon when I wasn’t feeling well, he curled up beside me and watched back-to-back episodes. I thought we’d seen them all (there were only about seven) but I was thrilled to discover one more. When Bode came home from school, I made the grand announcement.

Without hesitating, he crawled up next to me and, all business, he asked, “What’s their budget?”

Now, that is a kid who gets me.


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