City Hall: The Disneyland of Fieldtrips

Bode is having a blast as a part of our school’s student council and was thrilled when he heard they would get to miss school to go on a field trip to City Hall, which is the equivalent to spending the day at Disneyland.

Until he realized it was during his recess, lunch and P.E.

Fortunately, he bounced back quickly because he was going to meet the mayor.

Until he was a no-show.

Fortunately, a very informative City Councilmember-At-Large gave an awesome tour and he was joined by our City Manager and Deputy Manager, which is kind of like having Minnie, Pluto and Donald, and you almost forget that Mickey couldn’t come.

Our city’s leadership wisely started the kids with pizza and cookies, which would make any presentation fascinating and I was impressed that our group was so attentive. After reviewing the nuts and bolts of running our city, he unleashed the kids to the stand. If I had been a better listener, I could give you the correct vernacular but all you need to know is there were microphones. And cushy seats. And buttons that light up when you vote!

Each of the kids got a chance to give their two cents in what would make the school run better. Bode proposed “free doughnut Wednesdays” and to have video games in the computer lab. No wonder he’s so popular.

But it was our neighbor Maddie who had my vote when the councilmember asked the definition of “integrity.” She bravely raised her hand and said, “I’m not sure but my dad watches a lot of Bill O’Reilly. I think it has something to do with that.”

Let’s hope she doesn’t go into politics.

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