Crested Butte: The Honk, the Miracle and the Luxury

The kids, Aunt Lisa and I are currently in Crested Butte. Colorado has many fantastic resorts but visiting this mountain hamlet in July is one of the best family vacations you will ever take (find out why here). Jamie was supposed to join us this evening but he now claims he is coming down with the flu.

I’m still trying to ascertain if it’s just a ploy to stay home so he can give his pumpkins more undivided attention.

Our road trip has been eventful thus far. A few highlights:

1) We stopped in Poncho Springs for ice cream. As we were departing, I plugged the DVD player into the cigarette lighter and created some kind of short circuit in my Pilot. The result? The horn would not stop honking.

2) I somehow misplaced both power cords for our Nintendo DSi and DSi XL, a major diversion for both kids. We pulled over in Gunnison and visited the second smallest Wal-Mart in the U.S.

It was so small it didn’t have what I needed. #Fail.

3) One of my most perfect family travel moments was the free outdoor concert at the base of Mt. Crested Butte last year. This year, the conditions for this Wednesday night tradition were less-than-idyllic: a moody daughter and a threatening sky.

Thankfully, her moodiness was forgotten as we devoured grilled burgers, rocked to the tunes from TBird & the Breaks and the kids rolled down the hill.

And got completely and gloriously drenched from a refreshing summer rain.

4) We are staying in a three-bedroom condo at the slope-side Lodge at Mountaineer Square. We went swimming in their gorgeous pool and face-in-the-water-phobic Bode mastered the kick board all by himself. Evidently, miracles happen here.

I just hope such luxury does not go to their heads.

On tap for Thursday: Exploring the Adventure Park, riding the chairlift and hiking the summit, playing in town and more swimming.

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