Disney Wonder Day 0.5: If Getting There is Half the Fun, Then I’m in Trouble

My kids and I have traipsed all over Canada and Colorado without my husband Jamie.

But our Disney Cruise to the Mexican Riviera was different for a couple of reasons:

1) It’s international. And yes, I know some of you consider Canada a foreign country but when you’re raised there, poutine and “eh” are as natural as Marilyn Monroe’s blonde hair (work with me, here).

2) This was my children’s first cruise. There’s a bit of a learning curve when cruising—from check-in at the port to security to registration. It’s all a bit overwhelming for a newbie.

And moms who are accompanying them.

But our speed bumps began long before that when our flight was delayed. (Did I mention that out of 200 flights leaving Denver that morning, ours was only 1 in 4 that had any issues?)

Long ago, I abandoned asking “what’re the odds?” because they are never in my favor.

Fortunately, we arrived at LAX with plenty of time to spare and good thing, too because that is when our next debacle occurred. After disembarking, my bladder-the-size-of-a-pea son raced to the bathroom, after which time, we followed the signs to baggage claim.

And kept following them.

And followed them some more.

I’ve always hated LAX. It’s old, dingy, congested and it is currently being renovated, which only added to the chaos. There were no trains or moving walkways and we walked for about a half hour until we finally arrived at baggage claim.

Only, it turns out it wasn’t ours. We had flown on a friendly jaguar from Frontier (Terminal 5) and had somehow trekked around the airport and ended up in very unfriendly United (Terminal 7).

My mother-in-law Linda had flown from Salt Lake City and was inspired enough to call me at that exact moment to track us down. By the time we high-tailed it back to Terminal 5, I was the final person to arrive on our transport shuttle and was brimming with accusations about the convolted airport.

Until I noticed other people from my same flight had somehow managed to do a straight-shot to the correct baggage claim.

I shut up, grabbed my luggage, consolidated everything I needed into a carry-on (tip: keep your swimsuit and other essentials with you) and sent the rest of our suitcases with the Disney Cruise porter. I was promised the next time we saw them, it would be in our stateroom after 3 p.m.

Relief set in that I would finally be able to enjoy a stress-free vacation. Linda, the children and I lined up to board the bus and that is when I realized I had forgotten my son’s booster seat…

Back at baggage claim.

That would be the second baggage claim we’d been to that day for anyone keeping track.

At that point, I was almost tempted to leave it behind but I had brought it for a reason. Apologetically, I told the bus driver my predicament, she kindly told me to retrieve it and I high-tailed it across the parking lot.

And then I became that person. You know—the one that makes everyone wait.

When I arrived back to the bus, I slunked into my seat beside my daughter, sweaty and humiliated. As we watched the video with Mickey & Co. giving us a tour of the ship, I resolved husbands are kept around for a reason.

And it has everything to do with upping my odds.

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