Double Dating, Crazy Canuck Style

On Saturday, I had the brilliant idea to invite our neighbors to bike down to a chic little bistro that just opened up in Olde Town. We loaded up the kids in their respective bike trailers and followed our local river trail to the restaurant.

Dinner was lovely. Well, only if you consider having absolutely no kid food and portions the size of Bode’s fist. Call me crazy but if I am going to drop $40, I want to come out feeling like I just had some semblance of a meal.

As we juggled the kids during dinner, we were dismayed to see dark clouds creeping in. By the time we loaded everyone up, there was a veritable storm brewing. A storm with a strong tail wind, thunder, and lightning that jolted the sky right above our heads. And somehow Meredith and I were the lucky ones who were hauling the kids.

The husbands were smart enough to stay with us knowing that taking off would be far worse than any bolt of lightning. Though I could have dealt without Master Electrician Andy’s words of advice:

“Whatever you do, do not touch anything that is metal.”

I looked down at the metal bar-ends attached to my handlebars. You know: the ones that I was clinging to for dear life. Oh yeah, not to mention my metal bike frame.”

“Gee, thanks for the pep talk, Andy.

We made it home just as the rain started to dump, with no major repercussions. Though I must say that Jamie’s hair was looking rather suspect….

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