Ford’s #ExploreMore Tour from Durango to Albuquerque

A few weeks ago, I participated in one of the final legs of Ford’s 22-day Platinum Tour that stretched for over 2,000 miles from Vancouver to New Mexico. Though there were certainly more beautiful stretches (particularly through the Canadian Rockies and Jackson Hole), I selected to drive their new high-end Platinum Explorer from Durango, Colo. to Albuquerque, NM for the simple reason I’d never done it before.

Or so I thought.

Though Colorado is neighbors with New Mexico we haven’t made a road-trip down south, for the primary reason of why would we go there instead of our beautiful state? Yes, I’m a wee bit biased.

I talked about how I’d never been to New Mexico to my fellow travelers when I started to share a story of backpacking the Gila Wilderness with some friends during my single days and then I realized the horrifying truth: The Gila Wilderness is in New Mexico and I’d been lying to myself and everyone. Apparently, I need a refresher course in geography.

However, I’ve never explored this cut of it and it was a tour like no other.

Head over to Mile High Mamas to follow our adventures in Ford’s new top-of-the-line Explorer–from their multi-contour massage seats to cooked frog…it was a trip to remember!

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