Family Travel: Keeping it Real (or really painful)

I have always loved to travel. The problem is, travel has not always loved me. I once journeyed to France for a wedding, only to get lost and miss the entire celebration.

I built a career as a travel writer by writing a humor column about my mishaps. During a meeting with my editor, I made reference to one of my misfortunes on the trail and he professed, “You mean this stuff really happens? I thought you were making it up because there is no way all that could happen to one person!”

Welcome to my life.

When I had a family, there were understandably even more challenges. While so many writers expound upon their tried and true tips for “The Perfect Family Vacation,” I keep it real. Family travel is about survival. The only two things that keep me sane are my sense of humor and a huge dose of denial. Maybe Prozac would help, too.

Just not Tylenol PM.

I am currently embarking on a month-long, 3,000-mile drive home to Canada with my children and I confirmed that I am the Real[ist] Family Travel Writer. For this trip, I am the solo driver and we groggily awoke at 6 a.m. after a day of revelries and fireworks to hit the road. I wasn’t feeling well so I popped a pain killer in my mouth. A pain killer that turned out to be Tylenol PM.

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