“Friendship Bread?” Yeah, right!

OK, I have a beef to make. Actually, more of a bread. An Amish Cinnamon “Friendship” Bread to be exact. If you’re not familiar with friendship bread, it is kind of like one of those annoying chain letters that curses you 1000 years if you break the chain. Now, just insert a fermenting bread base that you fondle for two weeks before if finally makes anything and there you have it.

I am currently on Day 4 of my Friendship Bread, which was given to me by someone I formerly considered my friend. My responsibility today was to “Squeeze bag.” This was the same as yesterday. And the day before. And it will be the same tomorrow. On Day 6, I’ll have the exciting task of adding sugar, flour and milk and then I’ll get to (you guessed it) “Squeeze bag” for the next several days. It isn’t until DAY 10 that I’ll finally get to bake the stuff. By then, do you even think I’ll care about the STUPID bread!? Just give it to me ALREADY BAKED!!!

My only comfort is I’ll then be able to distribute the bread base to four more of my “friends” and the chain will continue. Only for me, I wouldn’t put my worst enemy through this process. So if you are one of the recipients of “Amber’s Adversary Bread,” be worried. Very worried.

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