Happy 7th birthday to my little buddy!

Dear Bode,

Despite my best efforts and house rule of “No Growing Up” you’re doing just that. Age six was my favorite year yet that was full of bitter-sweet moments. You are starting to growing wings, which means those bus-stop kisses and snuggle attacks are more fleeting but I’m so proud of the boy you are.

You’re a generous, conversely serious, sober child with a quirky little sense of humor.  You live in a world of black-and-white, good vs. wrong, were pre-wired to do what is right and already have a close relationship with your Heavenly Father. I have one of your class assignments pinned to my office bulletin board where you detailed your “needs” vs. “wants” in your economics class. Under “My Needs” you put “clothes, family, air, teachers, house, friends and Heavenly Father.” For wants, you listed “video games, homework (?!!) and candy.” I’d be worried about the latter point if you hadn’t come back from the dentist with yet another cavity-free visit.

Big Time Jump 7th Birthday Party! Back: Noah, Nolan, Seamus, Rowan, Brody, Nickey, Hadley, Vinny. Front: Sean, Bode, Carson

You find the good in people and love to leave little notes for everyone in the family. “Mom, I like you. Love, Bode.” I found this note after I’d been traveling: “To Hadley, You have been good this weakend. Love, Bode.” Your father jokes you like to make rules about rules and he’s correct. Well, with exception of keeping your room clean. Which is a rule so you should follow it. #CuteSlob

You loved first grade and your teacher Mrs. Dorough. You are beloved by all your classmates and since preschool, your teachers have told us you are a great leader who guides by example. You and your new friend Brody were inseparable and I’m constantly amazed at your ability to find instant friends no matter what situation you are placed in.

This year, Hadley started piano and we were not going to enroll you until Fall 2013 because we figured you were too young. We were wrong. Not only did you start teaching yourself to play but you also started sight-reading her music. We enrolled you in January and you have not shut up since. I mean that in a good way but you are moderately obsessed with piano and you are constantly composing new songs or transposing Itsy Bitsy Spider in 100 different keys. I’m not complaining because there are worse obsessions. You know, like growing over-sized orange fruit.

Solo flight to Utah

In terms of your activities, you finished off your third year with your soccer team and their name “Angry Piggies” was a personal favorite. You’re becoming a great skier and tackled your first blue (intermediate) run. You continue to enjoy biking, your new WiiU, building ships and buildings with your LEGOs and blocks, playing with stuffed animals (Tabby is still your favorite), your interactive globe and the ocean.

In fact, you blew away your Aunt Lisa, Dad and me at dinner at The Broadmoor when you gave your sister an informative lecture about the layers of the ocean, starting with the disphotic (twilight) zone. “Where did you learn all this?” we asked. “I read about it,” like it was the most obvious answer in the world for illiterate folk like us.

Space is another passion and Dad bought tickets to go to your first planetarium this summer. On the night of the Super Moon, I couldn’t pull you away from the window and so I let you stay up as late as you wanted watching it. Later that night when I came to close your blinds, my heart strings lurched when I discovered your space book propped up to the ledge as you  compared the photographs of the first quarter, gibbous and full moons. I am raising a geek!

You love to travel and your especial favorites this year were Disney World (where you were on TV for the second time this year!), The Broadmoor, Park City Mountain Resort, and of course, your solo flight to see Grandma Johnson in Utah. Hawaii is now the top of your bucket list (you and me both, kid) and as I write this, you are in Canada celebrating your birthday on a beautiful lake in British Columbia.

You have it good and you are so deserving of all the goodness in the world.

Much love,



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