Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!!!

I admittedly haven’t been too thrilled about my birthday and it isn’t because I have any particular angst about turning 35 (it is, after all, better than the alternative). In fact, I just spent the entire year thinking I was already 35, which made my transition that much easier. Next year, I think I’ll turn 25 and take advantage of this whole Alzheimer’s thing.

The real reason I wasn’t too thrilled for my birthday is because I already knew what I was getting. Because aren’t birthdays allll about gluttony? But ma honey pulled off a show-stopping performance with some amazing surprises during my own personal session with Monty Hall Himself. OK, well in paper:

Behind Door #1 was the gift I have coveted for months: The Ergo Baby Carrier. And the same one I requested for my birthday, then later recanted because I was going to just go buy it myself with money my folks sent me. Only to have Jamie rant and rave that he already bought it for me and how could I blow his cover blah, blah.

This, coming from the man who, after seeing a purchase from R.E.I. on our bank account went on R.E.I.’s website and figured out the exact item (and even calculated in the tax). Some Christmas surprise those snowshoes were.

Anyway, the carrier is below. Mullet baby not included.

Behind Door #2 was a reminder of the fantastic pre-birthday present he surprised me with when his flight was delayed coming up to Canada: a newly-painted bedroom.

But the real kicker was behind Door #3.

Too bad I’d already chosen Mullet Baby…..:-)


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