Happy Canada Day!

In honor of Canada Day today, allow me to divulge a disturbing glimpse into the life of my Canuckian parents who met each other curling.

And no, I’m not making that up. It is the Canadian version of meeting at a bar.

Mom: I guess we need to go and buy another I.D. dog tag for Mia. I can’t seem to find the tag we bought yesterday, and I’m not going to get a good night of sleep until she has her tag.

So they roar off to Petland. On their way to Petland, Mom conducts yet another search of the car, and lo and behold, the missing I.D. tag is found safely tucked into the glove box.

Since they are near The Superstore, Dad pops into the store for a minute,and soon they are on the way home.

Mom: Where is the I.D. tag? I can’t imagine where it disappeared to!

Dad: Well, it has got to be in the car somewhere.

After yet another round of searching, the said I.D. tag is found in Chris’ purse.

Dad: Give me that tag. I am going to hold it until we get home, and immediately put it on that dog as soon as we get home!


Stan (noticing that his tooth brush was wet): Chris ,did you just use my purple tooth brush?

Chris: Your purple tooth brush? The purple one is MY tooth brush.

Stan: No, your tooth brush is blue, I have been using the purple one for the past year!

Hello, Apple? Meet Tree.


On another note, my friend Cheryl interviewed me today at MormonWoman.org. It’s not so much a site for LDS peeps but rather, a glimpse into what it is like to be a Mormon woman for those not of our faith. It’s a great site that attempts to dispel misconceptions and portray us in an authentic, positive light.

Still trying to figure out why she wanted to interview me. :-)

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