Happy Father’s Day to Papa Canuck!

Due to the condition I have called UnableToSleepInItis, I have been taking full advantage of my Saturdays by going hiking or biking long before my family starts stirring.

Yesterday, I drove to a new trailhead to tackle a network of bike paths. Several miles into my ride, I turned back, only to encounter an intersecting trail that leads back near my house. Without hesitation, I took it. And the ride was all too perfect.

Well, except for the fact that my car was still at the original trailhead and I had to do a huuuuuge loop to retrieve it–a minor detail. I finally arrived back home a couple hours later exultant yet exhausted over my new discoveries.

Last summer was the first time I realized that maybe this is not normal. I was at BlogHer and decided to skip Day 2, rent a bike and explore the city by myself. One of my new friends Shannon admiringly said she would never do anything of the sort and her reaction baffled me.

As I rode yesterday, I was taken back to when I was about 13 years old. My Dad led me on my bike to a hillside about 10 minutes from our house in Calgary and there, shrouded by weeds and trees, was a secret break in the fence that lead to an endless network of bike paths.

I spent the next several years clocking thousands of miles on those trails that are touted as some of the most extensive in North America. Sometimes I was with Dad, mostly I was alone. And during those countless hours of pushing myself to my limit amidst sparkling rivers and gleaming hills, I found myself.

And my dad gave me the key.

So here is to a wonderful man who instilled a love of adventure and exploration that I am passing down to my own little family. To a man who, in his quiet and meek way, always supported me and gave me the self-confidence to believe I could accomplish anything I wanted in my life.

And to a man who always kept me grounded and yet gave me wings to soar.

Happy Father’s Day!

What is one of your favorite memories of your dad?

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