Happy Fourth Birthday to Little Man Ice Cream!

Dear Bode,

I’ll admit it: I dreaded it when you turned three. And who could blame me? The Terrible Threes represented your sister’s descent into the fiery furnace and only when she turned four did she become human again.

But you remained delightful this past year. Sure, you were known to throw the occasional fit but really, who wouldn’t given the unjust world we live in? That’s the nice thing about you. You’re even-keeled and easy-going except for when under extreme diress, like when Hadley kills you off in Super Mario on the Wii.

Because death is no laughing matter.

You’re a really sensitive, sweet soul who responds differently to every new situation you are placed in. For this reason we did not know how you would take to skiing. But from the moment Mommy and Daddy joyfully dumped you off lovingly enrolled you in ski school you took to the slopes like your namesake Bode Miller. The snowplow was for woosies and you quickly acclimated to weaving in and out of traffic doing the tuck.

The same could be said of your bike-riding prowess. We’re not quite ready to let you ditch the training wheels but that doesn’t hold you back: you’ve already hit the local skate park, love putting your feet up on the bar and often out-ride your sister. You also left her in your dust whilst hiking the steep St. Mary’s Glacier a couple of weeks ago.

And yes, in this particular instance “Boys rule, girls drool” as you so kindly reminded us.

You just completed your first year of preschool. You have a real gift for math and were beloved by your classmates. You were particularly sweet to a developmentally-delayed boy who, every time he saw you, would scream out, “BODE BOY!” as he ran to hug you.

Our cat Remy says the same thing but runs in the other direction.

You love dinosaurs, Transformers, and watching Scooby Doo but your most treasured toy is a Webkinz named Tabby. This orange cat used to be Hadley’s and has undergone some pretty amazing transformations, including a se*x change when she miraculously turned into a boy after you adopted him.

Tabby went missing a while back and you prayed for his return day and night. If the rest of the family forgot to pray for Tabby, you would interrupt us to include him in our prayers. Mommy and Daddy thought you’d just move on but you prayed unceasingly…and after a few months you discovered him in a desk downstairs. We learned a few things from this experience 1) You have a lot of faith 2) You’re really stubborn and 3) You never forget.

I wish your future wife a lot of luck.

Everything makes you tired these days (or at least that is your excuse to get out of working). Of course, being three is hard. Imagine having to dress yourself. Pick up your toys. Brush your teeth. Eat the food your parents prepared for you. Get waited on hand and foot.

Trust me, being four will be that much better. You’re still in preschool so the rigors of academia have not set in and your main responsibilities will be to play, laugh and learn. Of course, managing the two Type A women in your life is no small feat but you are a patient, loving and joyful little guy who is a delight to be around.

Except for when you accuse the girls of drooling.


P.S. For a stroll down memory lane: Birthday letters three, two and one.

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