Happy New Year and Christmas in Pictures

As you can see, my lil’ ol’ blog has had a makeover. We are still working out the bugs (“we” meaning poor Jamie who is supposed to be on vacation this week). Be sure to change your RSS feeds and bookmarks to www.crazybloggincanuck.com.

Our two-week-long Winter Break has been one of our most laid back ever and all this downtime has about killed me.

I don’t know why they call this a “break.” It is anything but for the parents.

We have tried to stay busy and went miniature golfing, watched movies, skied, bowled, shopped, read lots of new books, picnicked in the family room, hiked in the snow, had playdates, toured the Denver Art Museum, went go-carting, threw a New Year’s Eve party and traumatized The Cat. Daily.

Christmas itself was the most quiet I’ve ever had. With Jamie’s parents gone, we skied on Christmas Eve, played the bells and ate. His sister came over after we’d unwrapped our presents on Christmas. Bode’s favorite present was an Optimus Prime Transformer. Haddie’s was a live butterfly kit.

If her father insists upon having worms in our basement, it’s only natural his offspring would covet something like caterpillars.

I was delighted to receive some Vancouver Olympics gloves from my mom for good luck (official announcement is on January 14), a beautiful painting of Jesus in Jerusalem from my in-laws and a pair of Sanita Clogs.

Which are exponentially cooler than these beauties.

As for James, I gave him a milkshake maker to go with his old-fashioned soda fountain. I was most excited when his parents gave him a deluxe remote that combines the four remotes he has for his home theatre.

And which also means I’ll finally be able to turn the blasted thing on.

December’s highlights in pictures:

Gingerbread making with Aunt Lisa.

Haddie’s Rockin’ Rudolph Dance Recital.

She was only a half a beat behind everyone else, an improvement from her unscripted solo performance she performed when she was 3.

Eighteen giggling tweens crammed into our basement for a “Grinch Party.”

My failed attempts to photograph Hadley at our church Christmas party.

Which may or may not have lead to the threat, “So help me if you do that when you see Santa, you will not get any dessert or presents.”

Dessert + Santa = the way to every girl’s heart.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Be sure to weigh-in about your holidays.

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