Help me help Ellen DeGeneres help me get to the Olympics!!!

Have you heard my news? I am ecstatic to be 1 of 5 semi-finalists in Microsoft Office’s Winter Games contest. I would be thrilled beyond measure to be an accredited blogger at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics because winter sports are my passion!

I grew up playing street hockey with my brothers in my Canadian hood. When we came “of age” to enroll in community hockey I lined up with all my boys, fully expecting to join the team. I was absolutely sure this was my first step to becoming an Olympian.

Until I was turned away and told to enroll in figure skating.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely nothing against being a figure skater.

Unless you have speed-skating thighs and a killer slap shot.

Now, a different Olympic dream is coming to fruition. I not only need your daily vote (here) but I am soliciting THE Ellen DeGeneres as well! Click the image below to view my “Just One Tweet” campaign.

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I take that back. Maybe my figure skating legs don’t look too bad after all.


Anyone ever had their water break at Einstein Bros. Bagels? I am over at Design Mom today talking all about it. Also, thanks to The Vacation Gals (one of my favorite travel sites for moms) for giving me an Olympic-sized shout-out. Thank you everyone for your support!

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