Hiel Fat Kitty

Fat Kitty. Captain Squishy. King of the Squish. He goes by many names (except for his given name, Remy) and what’s not to love? He’s fat, squishy, lovable, gentle and an Olympic-level snuggler.

We were horrified upon returning from Canada to learn that Jamie’s sister, who lived with us this summer, decided to put him on a diet. Garfield does not diet. He just has a slow metabolism! And she while she’d limit his food to one small bowl in the evenings, the kids and I would sneak our starving cat extra food.

I think he actually gained weight on his diet but don’t most of us?

Bode, Hadley and I adore him but after five years as a part of our family, Jamie still openly disdains him. We just don’t get it.

“Why aren’t you nicer to Fat Kitty?”

“I don’t understand why you and the kids are obsessed with him.”

“Three out of four members of this family love him. Maybe there’s something wrong with you!”

“Three out of four Germans liked Hitler.”


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