Confucius says: “Do not be boastful about children who sleep and siblings who are not jealous. You will be cursed with a sleepless, jealous house.”

If only I’d known. I’ll just say Hadley and Bode have done a complete 180 from my last post, despite Hunky Hubby’s encouraging words on his blog. Enough said.

Confucius says: “Mommy Time Means No Time”

Now that I’m pretty much mended from birthing a watermelon, I’m slowing easing back into my regular activities. This is proving to be tougher than anticipated. With Hadley, I carved out a half hour of “Mommy Time” with aerobics/strength training before breakfast and we’d then go hiking or walking every day.

That was then. This is now. As I prepped for my first big workout yesterday, I did something kinda requisite: I actually put the child down. Sadly, he would have NONE of it. I tried to rationally explain: “No, Bode, y’see, this is ‘Mommy Time.’”

Unfortunately, his definition of “Mommy Time” means just that: His Mommy Time.

Again, I won’t get into the sordid details. Just know the final score: Bode: 1 Me: 0. Enough said.

But today is a new day and a new battle. My revised strategy is to have the kid play while I workout. You know. Do fun things like stare at the wall or slap himself silly with those crazy new things called arms.

Kinda sad to think I’m losing to that kind of competition….

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