Hold the Martha Freakin’ Stewart Presses!

For those of you who followed my Martha Freakin’ Stewart post about my sister-in-law’s gift wrapping abilities, she has a defense. And finally, there may be hope for the rest of us:

“Amber: Who is this chick? Oh wait, she’s me. In my defense, I’m not totally insane. We all have our little releases in life. For some it is hiking, for others, apparently gift wrapping. It may not ever save the world, but then again . . . it just might. And to set the record straight, I accomplished the task at midnight, while procrastinating a church lesson I was suppose to be preparing, in a house that was a disaster, with my husband exclaiming, “You’re making what now? Please, can’t we just go to bed?” I’m not sure the moment would have exactly made a Martha Stewart episode.”

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