How to suck-up to your husband…and wife

I have (count ‘em) four trips this week, most of which are not with my beloved husband. I’m currently flying to Utah for a quick business trip and almost immediately upon my return, I will be leaving again for YMCA of the Rockies Snow Mountain Ranch to have some playtime with Bode before picking up Hadley from camp.

In an attempt to make Jamie a little bit less lonely, I made him him some Oatmeal Scotchies (his favorite) yesterday. The man has the sniffing nose of a dog and the moment I pulled them out of of the oven, he was THERE.

“Don’t touch. These are for tomorrow.”

“But they’re warm now.”

“I’m making them so you won’t be too lonely while I’m gone. Every time you think of me, you may have a cookie.”

“But then they’ll be gone in 10 minutes.”

Quite the suck-up but it worked and he started devouring ‘em before I left. Take note, men.

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