Jamie: King of the One-liners

Jamie has been going to the same hair stylist for a number of years and his haircuts have always been the same.

Until yesterday.

His normally-short hair was light and, dare I say….

“Jamie, your new hairstyle is kinda….errr…fluffy.”

“What? Are you worried about competition?”


Last week, we caught the tail end of an investigative report on Catfish, a new movie about Internet dating deceptions. As many of you know, Jamie and I met online and our courtship was speedy: we were married within six months of that initial email.

For that reason, my family was understandably a bit wary and my brother Pat even gave Jamie this movie for Christmas:

It was his version of a “Welcome to the Family” gift.

As Jamie and I watched the unbelievable web of deceit unfold in Catfish, I decided to play along.

“Jamie, I have a huge confession that I’ve been holding onto for the past eight years of our marriage.”

“Oh yeah? What is it?”

“I’m not who I have claimed to be.”


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