Jamie’s wake-up call

Hadley’s back-to-school night was last week. She continues to love her new school and is making lots of friends.

After an overview from the principal, we went into the classroom so see what they’ve been working on these past weeks. The school’s philosophy is to teach academics through the arts and are they ever staying true to that.

 In orchestra, she’s learning the basics of posture, position, pizzicato, bowing and creating a beautiful sound on the violin.

Hugest bonus ever: she does not yet have violin homework so we haven’t had to listen to the painful trial-and-error process. Horribly played violin=nails on chalkboard!

She’s also learning the recorder, all-immersion Spanish and knitting in her Handwork program. Gym class is always outside rain or shine (exempting -20-degree days), which I LOVE. I think it’s ridiculous how everyone hunkers down at the first sign of inclement weather.

And yes, that’s the Canuck in me talking.

While we were sitting in the student’s desks getting an overview from Haddie’s teacher, I could see Jamie gazing around the room. After the orientation, he commented:

“The parents in Haddie’s class sure are old.”
“They’re all our age, Jamie.”

I suspect Botox is in his future.

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