Johnson Family Newsletter 2012!

After a two-year hiatus due to busyness, poverty and/or plain ol’ laziness, the infamous Johnson family newsletter is back. We love to play together and have had some epic trips in 2012. From going to Disneyland and Disney World to spending almost a month in Canada to skiing and hiking all over Colorado and Utah, we have been extremely blessed.

Magical Night at Fish Creek Provincial Park, Canada


The Pumpkin Man had a pretty good year. With Denver’s record-breaking heat, the pumpkin season was long and slow but he still grew an 837-pound giant. His fourth-place finish cemented his status as a local celebrity and our city’s newspaper reported he was (horrors) “signing autographs” at the weigh-off. His web development business Pixo Web Design & Strategy continues to grow and he is juggling more clients than he can remember (we choose to attribute this to a burgeoning company vs. early-onset dementia). Jamie’s big news is after 41 long years, he went to Disneyland for the first time and has promised to drop his pending lawsuit against his parents for their negligence. Amber

Amber turned The Big 4-0 in February and celebrated by convincing her friends it is fun to go skating on a lake! In the mountains! In the winter! With the kids finally in school full-time, Amber is busier than ever and loves her almost-daily mountain adventures and freelancing from home. In addition to blogging about their family at, she still oversees the Denver Post’s social media efforts for moms and had a dream come true: she is writing a family humor column in the newspaper. She regularly appears on 9News as the resident “expert” on all-things motherhood–evidence the world really is coming to an end. Oh, and her memory is worse than Jamie’s. Pray for them.Hadley (8)

Hadley is a spitfire-of-a-third grader who loves swim team, skiing, crafts, piano and Fat Kitty. She is becoming a great cook, loves fine food and has a particular affinity for black truffle oil (heaven help her first date who ignorantly takes her out for fast food). She has had the biggest changes of anyone this year: she was baptized and then switched to a new Waldorf charter school. She enjoys her new arts-based academic setting and loves learning the violin in orchestra, the recorder, Spanish and even knitting. She had the time of her life with her class on a recent 3-day camping trip to Mesa Verde National Park which Amber generously offered to chaperone (read: vicarious living). Though thriving in the arts Hadley struggles in math, thereby solidifying she will never have a career as an accountant.Bode (6)

We are convinced it doesn’t get any better than first grade and Bode is illustrating this. He’s an easy-going, sweet dude who is beloved by everyone. He just finished off his third year in soccer, loves rocking the skate park on his bike, all-things Wii, is learning to play basketball, is obsessed with tennis and figured out how to swim without drowning (it was touch-and-go for a while). Bode and Hadley were models in a back-to-school fashion show on 9News and though they both did a great job, Bode’s cute and funny moves stole the show. He is smart as a whip and at the top of his first grade class. During a recent dinnertime prayer, he even thanked the good Lord for homework. Quite appropriately, Hadley later gave him a brown-noser hazing. Then made him do her math.


In 2011, we joked we had a punch card at the hospital with two heart surgeries for Jamie, a broken wrist for Bode and ER visits for Amber. Thankfully, 2012 has been much more peaceful. At church, Jamie is still in our ward’s Bishopric while Amber works with the 12-13-year-old Young Women. This holiday season, we had the opportunity to help at our local food bank and were delighted to serve Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless women’s shelter for the second year in a row (a definite tradition!) Truly, we feel blessed and we wish you peace, joy and love of our Savior. One of my favorite quotes serves as an annual reminder of what it’s all about. Love,

The Johnsons

P.S. Fat Kitty is annoyed he was not included in our annual newsletter and wanted everyone to know he’s still alive.

Kind of.

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