Just call me Merida

On the 4th of July, we took the family to see Pixar’s Brave. Set in the highlands of 10th century Scotland, skilled archer Merida caused some good, old-fashioned chaos in the kingdom.

We all really, really liked it and there were two things I loved most: 1) It captured the mother-daughter dynamic with all of its glorious conflicts and joys and 2) It’s about time there was a red-headed, curly-haired heroine.

Now, I’m not one to walk around saying “that could totally be me” about Disney or Hollywood characters but throughout the film, her stubborn, free-spirited, nature-loving disposition resonated with me.

Jamie thought so as well and posted this Facebook status update and picture:

Amber Johnson the original Brave? If they decide to make a Broadway play out of the movie I’ll have to insist on Amber playing Princess Merida. 

That caused me to dig up a photo from my past when I competed in the archery biathlon at Bryce Canyon’s Winter Festival (I posted that article here).

I mean, just check-out this ace shooter.

Of course, Merida didn’t have sweat seeping from her armpits.

But I’m sure that’ll change in Brave II.

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