Just say “no” to rabbit food

We have been following a healthy eating regemin for several months now.  Sure, we still have our indulgences but overall, our eating habits have improved. And get this–the girl who used to get sick every six weeks hasn’t been sick in ages. Turns out what we put in our bodies has a huge impact on our body’s immune system (who knew?) and avoiding processed junk bodes very well for mine.

Something I’ve been eating a lot of for lunch is roasted veggies with a quinoa and bean combination. Y’all can eat yours raw or steamed but I’m all about roasting them in succulent gourmet olive oils and seasoned vinegars. And funky combinations, too. Roasted tumeric rutabaga. Garlic-roasted honey parsnips and carrots. Sweet potatoes with cinnamon-pear balsamic vinegar. Roasted butternut squash with garlic olive oil, apples and onions.

The other night, I made a salad. I haven’t been eating many salads because they make me hungry but I figured Our Best Bites’ Thai Chicken Salad was beefy (or chicken-y) enough to account for a meal. It wasn’t. Though I served a multi-grain roll on the side, Jamie snarfed his down and promptly went into the kitchen to make himself an omelet.

My Grandpa Wilde was a farmer so meat and potatoes were his staple. My mom recently told me of a time my grandma made him a (gasp) salad. He took one look at it, stormed out the door and went to his mom’s for a “proper meal.”

Jamie is not the kind of guy who will ever complain about my cooking but I knew he wasn’t pleased.

“What’s the deal, James? What’s wrong with our healthy and delish dinner?”

“I’m not saying anything is wrong with healthy stuff. What I’m saying is rabbits are small creatures.”



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