My stint as a Los Angeles Lakers Cheerleader

I was recently cleaning out our crawl space when I happened upon a blast from my past in one of my storage containers.  Sports Illustrated May 6, 1996, to be exact.

I was at BYU and my good friend Robert (married to my bestie Lori) commented, “I saw an LA Lakers cheerleader in Sports Illustrated who looks just like you.”

I laughed him off.  Thanks, Robert. Very flattering but like that could ever happen.

Until he showed me the picture.

There, I was: My face, my unruly strawberry-blonde hair–all plopped on top of the body of a hot Laker Girls cheerleader.

Let’s zoom in on that a little bit, shall we?

Let’s just excuse the fact that my Sports Illustrated moment of fame is whilst appearing between the legs of L.A. guard Nick Van Exel.

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