Lest you thought pumpkin season was over

Last week, the Pumpkin Man’s good buddy Joe came over during lunchtime.  As I tried to work upstairs, I eavesdropped on them talking potassium/nitrogen levels, soil testing and giant pumpkin seed genetics.

It was like the most boring playdate ever.

I posted about it on Facebook and one of his pumpkin growing buddies interjected:

“Oh he should be talking about Purses and Shoes, as that is more exciting.”

Me: “Never in my life have I ever talked about purses or shoes or clothes.”

Him: “OK, Amber. How about scrapbooking and crafts. There has to be a subject that totally bores Jamie.”

Me: “Who talks about scrapbooking and crafts? I think you’re confusing me with a girl.”

Touché, my friends.

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