Let It Snow!

We woke up last week to a momentous occasion: the first snowfall of the season. Both kids tried to use it to their advantage.

Haddie begged me to drive her to school. I told her she’d be standing at the bus stop in far worse conditions than that this winter.

Tough-love is my version of a pep talk.

Bode tried to declare it a “Snow Day” and stay home from preschool. Yeah, that .000005-inch of snow will wreak havoc every time.

Well, maybe if you’re woosies and live in Texas where the entire state is halted at the sign of a snowflake.

I should know. We got stuck in Dallas on our way back from our Costa Rica honeymoon for that very reason.

I love love love love the snow. I hate hate hate the heat. So I have to admit even though I’m so excited for our cruise aboard the Norwegian Epic, the timing could not be worse because I am finally getting weather I love in Denver.

But I’m willing to make the sacrifice and go anyway.

The third member of our family, Remy a.k.a. “Fat Kitty” had a rather extreme reaction. The bane to his existence is playing in the backyard with the kids. All day long, he “Meows” incessantly until one of us relents and goes outside with him.

Once granted his freedom, Fat Kitty follows the same pattern: He walks through the sliding door, does a big, long stretch and then sharpens his claws on the outdoor mat.

I don’t have the heart to tell him he’s been declawed.

He then roams around the yard in his own private utopia eating grass, lazing out in the sunlight or hiding in the shade. One time, Fat Kitty shocked us all and caught a mouse in the pumpkin patch.

It was a true revelation that he was, indeed a real cat and not just a big, lazy ball of fur.

On our snow day, I tried to lure him outside but our fair-weather cat was having nothin’ to do with it.

He reminded me of my snow-despising mother.

The woman who has lived in the Great, White North her entire life.

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