Let the (Pumpkin) Games Begin!

This is THE weekend Chez Johnson. Tonight is the ceremonial vine-cutting party where we will devour all things pumpkin.

Jamie insisted on putting the “As Seen on TV” logo on the invitation.

Because he’s prideful like that.

And Saturday is The Great Pumpkin weigh-off at Jared’s Nursery in Littleton! In addition to pumpkin growers who are out of their gourds over-sized gourds, there will be a kid’s costume parade, dog costume contest, pumpkin drop, chili cook-off, free straw maze, bouncy castle, petting zoo, Galleria of Ghouls and much more. Details at JaredsGarden.com.

Lest you’re confused as to why and how we’re still participating in the weigh-off after the pumpkin’s demise, Jamie has been fastidiously calking the crack. Though he cannot officially enter “Ricky” in the weigh-off, his fingers are crossed it will hold together long enough to get an official weight.

Here’s the latest shot of the pumpkin if you want to wager your own guess. Jamie had our neighbors pose because our kids are getting too big and he wants to make the pumpkin appear larger than it actually is.

Because he’s prideful like that.

Wish him luck!

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