Limping along

Yep, that’s a picture of my real-life meniscus tear. Sassy, isn’t it?

I’ve been busy trying to play catch-up after my drug-induced stupor last week. My prognosis: good. I started to turn the corner on Saturday and even limped to church and to a friend’s dinner party on Sunday.

I had my follow-up appointment today and the doc said I’m healing nicely. He encouraged me to keep doing low-impact workouts the next four weeks until the pain completely goes away.

I’m opting out of physical therapy. If this was a total knee replacement or ACL, physical therapy would be a must but a meniscus tear is not structural. I’m confident I can tackle healing with my own home exercises because 1) I’m delusional and 2) Our deluge of medical bills has started to hit.

And like that picture, it ain’t purdy.

On my one-week anniversary of my knee surgery on Tuesday, I went biking.

Or rather, made the attempt. I looked like a one-legged gimp trying to bike up the hill to my house without putting pressure on my sore knee. But I felt triumphant after doing it, despite the resulting pain the next day.

My motto these next weeks: One step forward, two steps back.

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